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Quality relaxation and refreshment in the embrace of the Vértes and Gerecse mountains in Tarján!

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Children's island

„Ahol mindenki újra gyermek lehet!”

Our property's focus is on making your children feel free while you relax, recharge and relax.

Mindezek érdekében a szálláshelyünk területén egy felszerelt „Gyermeksziget”, játszótér várja a gyermekeit, ahol fedett és zárt gyerekház, hinta, csúszda, minden oldalról zárt trambulin és különböző játékok várják, hogy felfedezzék őket a gyermekek!

Wellness island

„Csobbanjon bele a nyárba!”

It is extremely important for our accommodation that our guests return to the world of everyday life, both mentally and mentally, as well as physically and physically, after spending a few unforgettable days with their family and friends.

For a safe stay and recharge, our guests have a sauna for 6 people and a hot tub for x people.

The tub bath is a truly original wellness service with us. The physiotherapist combines the physiological benefits of a traditional sauna with a hot bath therapy. The spa bath is set in a wood-heated and romantic setting. While bathing, you can have deep and meaningful conversations with your friends and family, even with a glass of red wine.

After a carefree bath, you can enjoy the beneficial and warming rays of the sun on one of our sun loungers on the sun terrace.

Male island

A special Men's World!

When designing our accommodation, we took special care to arrange a separate room for men and groups of friends, where deep, friendly and business conversations can take place.

Our “men’s island” has a self-contained ventilation system that is made special by unique special barrels and deep brown leather armchairs. There are also a variety of rare and valuable drinks in the room. About the walls smiles back at us, every man’s childhood star Posters of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill and their famous movies.

Thanks to the special location and lighting, we can enjoy the island of peace in a truly rustic location, which is actually a lavish, stunning and dazzling “male island”!

Events, for companies, individuals

Looking for a good location?


In the restaurant part of our accommodation there is a possibility to organize company events, trainings, team building sessions, as well as girls and bachelor parties, special events for groups of friends.

Our restaurant section is an ideal choice for 30 people. Our special wine bar can be the exclusive venue for your event, as you can tap your own drink from the wine barrels placed in the wall as a unique and special solution in our wine bar!

Using our “sauna world” can be a defining evening program for corporate events, girls and bachelor parties , allowing for deep and meaningful conversations!

After a good atmosphere and wine, do not worry about driving, as we also provide accommodation for you.

Free parking

Don't worry about parking!

Not only your family, but your car is safe with us! There is a parking lot for each room and apartment in our accommodation.

The parking lot is paved with special plants, which fills our guests with a pleasant feeling of life upon arrival at the accommodation!

The parking fee is free for the entire stay with us!

Bicycle rental

Active recreation!

One form of rest is active rest. We have everything for that too! Our guesthouse has four bicycles, with the help of which our guests can discover the wonderful countryside and sights of Tarján!

We provide bicycles for our guests free of charge!

Attractions in the area:

  • Hattstedt Park
  • Staufenberg Park     
  • Leisure and festival park
  • Tarjáni Fishing Lake
  • Somlyó Hill     
  • Pes-stone
  • National Blue Tour
  • St. James Pilgrimage
  • Mary's way
  • Monument of 1848
  • Memorial 56
  • Miner monument
  • Monument to Trianon
  • Youth camp
  • Hohenlohe Castle
  • Catholic church
  • Reformed Church
  • Country house
  • Cemetery graveyard
  • Chapel
  • Calvary
  • Tarjáni Cellar Rows
  • German nationality educational trail
  • Rókus-statue
  • World War memorial
  • Millennium monument